This is a list of normal maintenance items that every car or truck owner should plan to have completed to help keep the vehicle your driving in good condition.
Maintaining the vehicle your driving can save you money, time, and maybe the life of someone you know.


A transmission service costs approximately $60.00, a new transmission can cost thousands
A breakdown on the road causes you lots of aggravation, most are preventable with regular maintenance. A tow off the highway can waste lots of your time and will cost you the price of the repair and a tow. (save time and cost of tow with maintenance)


Oil changes - usually every 3,000 miles

Belts - check with every oil change

Timing belts (where applicable) - usually every 40,000 miles, or 60,000 miles

Brakes - front brakes usually last 20,000-30,000 miles, rear brakes usually 60,000 miles varies depending on driving habits and conditions

Transmission services - usually every 40,000

Coolant services - usually every 2 years, some coolant types are good for 5 years

Tires - vary widely

Hoses - check with every oil change, rot from the inside out

Spark plugs - usually every 30,000, some every 60,000, some every 90,000

Spark plug wires - usually every 40,000 miles or when they go bad

Distributor cap and rotor - cars that have them usually every 30,000 miles

Air filter - should be checked with every oil change

Check your owners manual for a complete list and recommended intervals for your vehicle